Saturday, December 27, 2008

December update...

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. A lot has happened since our last update...lots of good things :)! I'll rewind back to where I left off on the last post.
From there, we headed to Missouri...for an itineration service and to house hunt. A couple of people asked before (sorry it took me so long to answer, Jenn) where we're moving to, so in case you don't know...we're moving to Missouri. That is where the Builders International offices are located, so we will base there and travel from there to the different projects around the world.

So after searching and looking and thinking and contemplating...we finally came to a conclusion on which house we wanted! We were so excited to finally make the big decision...and what better day for it to happen than on our 10 year anniversary!!!

Yep, 10 years....the MOST WONDERFUL 10 years I could EVER imagine :)! And I couldn't think of a better way to spend that special day than with my lovely little family, deciding together which house was OUR HOUSE! God showed us such favor in the whole process...and we're so thankful for what he helped us find!!!

And the kids...they were absolutely fantastic on the trip. We spent hours in our realtor's vehicle, driving around all day for several days...and they were great about it! Lynzi gave us her input on the houses. When we went into one that she didn't like, she would say, "Mommy, I don't want this to be my new house!" Then when we went into THE ONE...she said, "Mommy, I want this for my new house!!!" And Asher was just happy and content in all of them!

On our way out of town, we signed the contract! Our moving date is Valentine's Day-ish. In the meantime, we have several more big services that I didn't realize we had.

Then the Christmas parties began! On our way back home, we stopped at Ryan's grandparents house to spend time with them. Then we went to his other grandparents for a family party on Friday, came home on Saturday, had my mom's side of the family party on Sunday and my dad's side on Monday. Lots of celebrations...before Christmas ever even arrived. We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house, since half of our house is packed up and we obviously don't have a Christmas tree this year. Lynzi asked, "Where will Santa leave my presents, since we don't have a tree?!?!" So we decided that my parents house was a much more festive place for Santa to stop by!!!

Here are just a few pics of the MANY that I took at Christmas-time:

~The four of us at a family Christmas party at my parent's house~

~Lynzi and Asher~

~Lynzi, Asher, Jaym and Jax~

~Me and Honey~

~Unkie Coy and Asher-Santa~

~Laci, Mom, Krystal~

~Lynzi listening to "Uncle Danny" tell Santa stories~

~Asher's first Christmas~

~Lace and Chels~

...and our boys...

~Randy and Asher~

~Laci and Asher-man~

~Lynzi sporting her new skates from Grandma and Grandpa Moore~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"But, he's my best frienddd!!!"

This is what Lynzi cried as she was taking her bath in the hotel tonight! She wanted Asher to get in and play with her, so once he was ready to get in...I brought him to the bathroom. But she had been playing in the tub for awhile already and got a hold of a styrofoam cup to play with...and proceeded to tear it up into tiny pieces to float with her in the tub! So when I found the styrofoam pieces...I told her that I would just have to bathe him in the sink because all those tiny pieces weren't safe for him. She got so upset that he wasn't getting in with her and exclaimed...."But, he's my best friennnndddd!!!!!!" It was so sweet. She continued to beg me to put him in the tub, so I told her once the water drained and she picked up all the pieces that I'd put him in to play for a minute. This made her evening. I snapped a picture of him splashing in the sink, then both of them in the tub together! Good night!

Asher splashing in the sink

"Best friends"

Endless Road Trip...

We're in the midst of what seems like an endless road trip! We're on day 5 of an 18 day trek. But it's good because this is our last big itineration trip :)! First, we headed to West Texas. I think it was supposed to be a 9 hour drive...but with several stops before we ever really got started and our many stops (potty, eat, feed Asher, gas, etc) along the way...we finally arrived at our first destination 12 hours later!!!

So our next stop was Corpus Christi, but after experiencing the first long leg of the trip...we didn't want to repeat that again, so we stopped in San Antonio. While we were there, we finished up our Christmas shopping and the kids got to sit in Santa's lap! Lynzi got really nervous when Santa talked to her...she couldn't even remember what she wanted for Christmas! Asher just didn't like it at all. He cried when we put him in Santa's lap! But they both left with a cute jingle bell bracelet (that I'm sure the shoppers at Target really Lynzi jingled all the way!!!)

Now we're in Corpus. Ryan just left to go speak at a men's dinner at the church where we will also be in the morning. They put us in a really nice hotel and left a beautiful gift basket in the room for us! It was so nice, complete with candy, cheese, fruit, coffee, mugs and gifts for the kids!!! Lynzi was ecstatic to see a Dora coloring book, box of colors and an Etch a Sketch...all for her! And Asher got a toy phone, big key toy and "Baby's first Christmas" bib set! It was such a nice surprise...what a blessing!!!

We have 2 services in this area tomorrow, then on Monday..we're off to Missouri for a service on Wednesday. Then some MAJOR house hunting!!! We're so excited to finally be able to look for OUR house! We know God has the perfect home, designed just for our family, waiting for us...and we can't wait to see it!

Then we'll be heading home just in time for Christmas...stopping at both of Ryan's grandparents houses in the DFW area to celebrate with them. And then Christmas week with my fam!

Yay for roadtrips...our LAST road trip (before our move, that is!!!) :)

Asher's first tooth...

...finally! Asher's first tooth finally popped through yesterday. We were driving along and Lynzi was leaned over in her car seat, playing with him, and she said, "Ashy got a tooth!" I didn't think much of it, just because she always blurts out random things!!! But when we got to where we were going, I was playing with him and saw a little flash of something pearly looking...and sure enough...he had a tooth!!! Lynzi had her first tooth at 6 months, so I was surprised that Asher still didn't have any at 9 months. It was fine with me though...I'll keep him as baby as I can as long as I can!!! :) I'll TRY to get a picture of it as soon as I can, but that will be a difficult task. He is very proud of it, however! When we talk about it...he just smiles real big and shows it to us (but not quite long enough to actually get a picture of it!) We'll see!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sweet Lynzi-girl...

Just a sweet little conversation between me and Lynzi when I woke her up to get ready for church last Sunday morning...

***Lynzi SOUND asleep

Laci: "Lynzi, it's time to wake up, baby."

Lynzi: *nothing*

Laci: "Lynzi, it's time to get up so we can get ready for church."

Lynzi: *smiles really big...eyes still closed* "I love you, Mommy!"

Laci: *smiles really big, while heart melts* :) "I love you too, sweetie! Are you ready to get up now, so we can get ready for church and go to class?" (her favorite part of church!)

Lynzi: *eyes still closed and still smiling and stretching* "Yes ma'am."

Laci: "Okay, lets get up and get some breakfast, sweetie."

Lynzi: *eyes wide open* "I WANT SOME CEREAL!" *as she jumps right out of bed*

Haha! Sweet girl...and she LOVES her cereal :)!!!