Saturday, March 28, 2009

Do you...

read this blog???

I'm just curious who actually looks at my blog. If you are reading this right now...will you please leave me a comment, just so I'll know who my audience is :)!!! The main reason I do this is for memory-sake and also for our families who are far away to see what's going on with us...but I'd love to know who else looks at it.

If you have never left a's easy. You don't even have to have an account. Just scroll a tiny bit, just to the bottom of this post and click on "# comments" (right next to where it says, 'posted by Laci')...then type your message in the "leave comment" box and if you don't have an account or don't want to sign in, you just click on the "anonymous button" (but don't forget to sign your name if you do it anonymously!) Then click on the "publish comment" button and you are done.

Thanks. I look forward to seeing who all is out there in "blog land!" :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grammi and PawPaw to the Rescue...

Grammi and PawPaw came to visit last week! They drove our extra vehicle all the way here for us, then stayed with the kids while Ryan and I went on a trip with Builders International. Everyone had so much fun and the kids did great while we were gone (and didn't get spoiled a bit, I'm sure...yeah right!!!) Thanks, Grammi and PawPaw for everything...WE LOVE YOU! :)

~ This is at our church~
After every service...Lynzi has to hug the big colorful elephant
that stands at the entrance of "THE ZOO" (kid's church)!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Lynzi Grace!!!

What a fantastic day it was celebrating Lynzi's 4th birthday! We got up and baked her birthday cake, then opened her birthday cards that came in the mail, then Ryan came home and brought Lynzi's new friend (Daphnie) to go to Chuck E. Cheese's with us. We met Nate and Sarah (yes, Sarah is Nate's girlfriend...several of you had asked me after I mentioned her several posts back) there and had such a great time! Then everybody came back to the house and we had cake and opened presents! Lynzi got a new bedding set from Mimi and Poppy and us and she got a new bike from Grammi and PawPaw!!! Then on to her favorite part of the :)!!! I'll post more pictures soon, but for now here are a few of the bazillion and a half that are on my camera right now! Happy Birthday Lynzi Grace! We love you so much and we're so thankful that God has blessed our family with your wonderfulness!!! :)

Lynzi and Daphnie

~Mommy with Birthday Girl~

~Lynzi's New Bike...thank you Grammi and PawPaw~

Lynzi's new helmet was a little small...she's made it clear that tomorrow will definitely involve exchanging it!

Proof that she's such a big girl...she went to her room and took off her church clothes, picked out her own nighty ("tinkerbell since she had a tinkerbell party") and put them on, brushed her teeth and got in bed...all by herself!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

All About Asher...

I've been wanting to post this since Asher's birthday...but have not had time. (This is mainly for me to have, so I can print it for his baby book...but I thought you might enjoy it as well!) So here are a few facts about my baby boy, now that he is 1:


*is an INCREDIBLY happy boy!

*is such a sweet cuddler!

*is very attached to Mommy and Daddy! :)

*loves everything about Lynzi (especially playing in her room!)

*laughs histerically at his big sister!

*loves to kiss...a lot!!!

*has his 2 bottom-middle teeth (definitely working on some more...his diapers are proof!!!)

*loves to "get his groove on!" If he hears anything that sounds like it might end up being a beat...he stops what he's doing and starts bopping his head, then his shoulders get into it and then it's an all out "shakin' his groove thang"! However, he seems to know when it's worship music, then he goes right into "worship mode"!!!

*loves to clap...whether it's for himself or someone else. If he hears or sees clapping, he joins right in...with a giant smile!

*likes to talk on the phone....and usually carries on conversations with "Dada" when he is on any phone (play or real).

*LOVES the remote! And he can find them no matter how good they are hidden and he knows exactly where it should be pointed (no matter where the t.v. might be!)

*has always been a good sleeper. slept through the night since he was 4 weeks old (thank you, Lord!) Once we moved to our new house...he started waking up between 5-6, but I think he was just getting adjusted to his new (real) baby bed and his new room (which he hadn't had either of those until we moved...poor baby!) But he's doing great now. He sleeps from about 8:30 pm-8:ish am!

*weaned at 11 months (while in Belize) and made a fantastic transition...loves his regular milk!

*hasn't turned any food down so far! Loves to eat and can eat A LOT! A few of his faves are: yogurt, bananas, honeycombs cereal, tomatoes, green beans, asparagus, chicken, fajita meat...oh the list goes I said, ANYTHING!!! :)

*usually takes 2 naps...he's always been a 10 & 2 baby, but sometimes his first nap lasts too long
and he'll go down a little later than 2 for his second nap!

*is very close to walking...he'll walk all day holding on to something, even if it's just a pinky!

*started standing up by himself (from sitting on the floor)...and he gets extremely excited when he does it! We're trying to get him to take steps to us once he's free standing...

*says "mama, dada, hi, bye, thank you," and will repeat several other words when you tell him too..."Lynzi, please" are a few.

*signs "more, eat, all done, please"

*LOVES his paci, but we only let him have it in bed. However, if he finds one somewhere in the's in his mouth immediately (it's rather cute, actually!!!)

*has TONS of hair! I've actually lost count of how many haircuts he's had! Ryan gave him his first "official" haircut when he was 8 months old (I had trimmed a few extra long and stray hairs here and there before that.) Then he had another one at 11 months by Mimi in Belize (he had one in between those, but I can't remember when!) Then I just gave him one a few weeks ago at 12 months (while he was in the bath tub, believe it or not! It turned out to work pretty well because his hair was already wet and he was occupied!!!)

*speaking of bath...he LOVES LOVES LOVES the bath (just like his big sister!) And he loves taking a bath with her!

*definitely has an occasional dramatic side!!! if he gets upset...his face scrunches up and he can muster up a super fake cry-yell-noise (not sure what you call it!) I have a picture of his face when he is doing it...i'll try to post it soon.

*really enjoys being outside!

*gets SOOO excited when he sees an animal! His body tenses up and he squeals and points with delight, while bouncing up and down!!!

*thinks the dishwasher is so much fun! (I'll have to designate that as his chore when he gets older!!!)

*thinks his daddy's guitars are so cool...always trying to get to them!

*Loves to go up and down the stairs (which has been a bit of a challenge in our new house, but we got a gate...which works great, however if someone goes through the gate without out!) The first time I put him down to let him go down the stairs (I was right with him...don't worry), he crawled to the edge of the top stair and immediately turned around to go down backwards...that was before anyone had ever showed him how to do it!!! I thought it was pretty smart myself! :) Then if we're downstairs and put him down...he BOLTS for the stairs to try and get up them before we catch funny!

*In my opinion, he has looked exactly like Lynzi at every stage so far...if you look at any given picture of Lynzi in her first year, just take off the bow and you have Asher! :)

***I know there are many more things that I will want to have recorded, but that is the end of my brain power for tonight. I'm sure that I'll think of more as soon as my head hits the pillow!

We love you, Asher! Thank you for filling our days with sweet love and laughter...and thank you, Lord, for blessing us with the most incredibly sweet baby boy we could have ever imagined!!!