Tuesday, August 5, 2008

~Moody Gardens~

Last week, we were able to go on a wonderful (and much needed) getaway with our family! Mom and Dad took us to Moody Gardens for a few days. We met Coy, Krystal and the boys there. It was so much fun just to hang around the pool and play in the water...pretty much the whole time! We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and got checked in and Lynzi was immediately ready to get in her swim suit (we left right after her last swim lesson!) So we unloaded, changed into our suits and headed for the pool! If you saw a few posts back...you'll remember that I said Lynzi was really skittish of the water and getting her head wet or even if we let a pinky loose from her...she'd pretty much freak out (even though she LOVES being in the water, as long as you're 100% with her!) Well, she made a BREAKTHROUGH on the first day of vacation! YAY LYNZI! She was going underwater and loving it (the day before she didn't even like you to rinse her head in the bathtub!) So it was a great start to a vacation full of water fun.

The next day we went to the Palm Beach water park that is part of Moody Gardens. They have several pools and sandy beaches and a kiddy play land with 2 water slides and water buckets and squirters and a big water tank that dumps water every few minutes and they also have a sprinkler water spray area. So we hung out there for the afternoon...then back to the pool after lunch. The hotel had a kid's club and they gave each kid a goody bag at check in with cute little pirate themed toys in it. They had a pirate jumpy house and evening activities (smores by the fire pit, games, clowns, balloons, face paint, etc!)

The last day, we started by the pool. Then after checkout...we went over to the pyramids and ended up getting a great deal on day pass tickets. So even though we weren't even planning on going over there...we ended up spending half the day there and I'm glad we did.

Thanks Mom and Dad...FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Creatures...locked up!

Mirror, Mirror....I'm ready to go swimming!

Building sand castles

Sand Castle fUn

Jaym and PawPaw swimming in the beautiful pool

Lynzi's crazy sunglasses

Argghhh, Matey!

Coy jr. and Laci jr. :)

Grammi and Asher...relaxin'

Laci, Grammi and Asher

Jimbo...aka Panama Jack (he didn't have his Panama Jack hat on here!)

Look who's sitting up now?!?! Yep, Asher!!! He start sitting up while we were there. I sat him up on the bed to see how he would do and he stayed sitting up (for a few seconds anyways)! So, he was right at 5 1/2 months when he began sitting up.
Crashed out after a fun day of swimming!

Happy Asher

Daddy and Lynzi petting some creature in the water.

Pretty Flowers

Pretty bird that walked right out in front of us in the rainforest pyramid.
Then he hopped up in here.

Our best attempt at a group pic of all the cousins!

Daddy and Lynzi by the waterfall

Daddy and Lynzi by the birds
(the two outside birds were cleaning up the middle bird!)

Time to go home!
Lynzi getting off the bus at the parking garage. This bus ride was one of her favorite parts of vacation. Right before we left, we watched a ride film and after waiting in line...they told her she wasn't big enough to ride in the ride seats, so Ryan had to sit on the side with her and watch. Se was SOOO distraught (even though the ride part was really lame and there was no reason she shouldn't have been able to ride!) But besides being worn out...and not being able to ride....this devastated her! So when we got to "ride" the bus...she was pretty proud! The things that entertain kids :)!

Whew...a fun vacation will wear a girl out ;)!