Saturday, December 6, 2008

"But, he's my best frienddd!!!"

This is what Lynzi cried as she was taking her bath in the hotel tonight! She wanted Asher to get in and play with her, so once he was ready to get in...I brought him to the bathroom. But she had been playing in the tub for awhile already and got a hold of a styrofoam cup to play with...and proceeded to tear it up into tiny pieces to float with her in the tub! So when I found the styrofoam pieces...I told her that I would just have to bathe him in the sink because all those tiny pieces weren't safe for him. She got so upset that he wasn't getting in with her and exclaimed...."But, he's my best friennnndddd!!!!!!" It was so sweet. She continued to beg me to put him in the tub, so I told her once the water drained and she picked up all the pieces that I'd put him in to play for a minute. This made her evening. I snapped a picture of him splashing in the sink, then both of them in the tub together! Good night!

Asher splashing in the sink

"Best friends"