Saturday, December 6, 2008

Endless Road Trip...

We're in the midst of what seems like an endless road trip! We're on day 5 of an 18 day trek. But it's good because this is our last big itineration trip :)! First, we headed to West Texas. I think it was supposed to be a 9 hour drive...but with several stops before we ever really got started and our many stops (potty, eat, feed Asher, gas, etc) along the way...we finally arrived at our first destination 12 hours later!!!

So our next stop was Corpus Christi, but after experiencing the first long leg of the trip...we didn't want to repeat that again, so we stopped in San Antonio. While we were there, we finished up our Christmas shopping and the kids got to sit in Santa's lap! Lynzi got really nervous when Santa talked to her...she couldn't even remember what she wanted for Christmas! Asher just didn't like it at all. He cried when we put him in Santa's lap! But they both left with a cute jingle bell bracelet (that I'm sure the shoppers at Target really Lynzi jingled all the way!!!)

Now we're in Corpus. Ryan just left to go speak at a men's dinner at the church where we will also be in the morning. They put us in a really nice hotel and left a beautiful gift basket in the room for us! It was so nice, complete with candy, cheese, fruit, coffee, mugs and gifts for the kids!!! Lynzi was ecstatic to see a Dora coloring book, box of colors and an Etch a Sketch...all for her! And Asher got a toy phone, big key toy and "Baby's first Christmas" bib set! It was such a nice surprise...what a blessing!!!

We have 2 services in this area tomorrow, then on Monday..we're off to Missouri for a service on Wednesday. Then some MAJOR house hunting!!! We're so excited to finally be able to look for OUR house! We know God has the perfect home, designed just for our family, waiting for us...and we can't wait to see it!

Then we'll be heading home just in time for Christmas...stopping at both of Ryan's grandparents houses in the DFW area to celebrate with them. And then Christmas week with my fam!

Yay for roadtrips...our LAST road trip (before our move, that is!!!) :)