Friday, February 27, 2009

We're still alive...

...but we STILL don't have inernet, officially anyway! We just get occasional signal at our house. We're waiting on our modem to be delivered (the one that came in wasn't compatible with our internet provider...that was wonderful news, after waiting a week!) So we should be up and running for good in a few more days. We were at Ryan's office all morning getting things set up here. We're getting settled at our house...and we LOVE it. We have a lot on our to do list, but that will come with time!

Since I haven't updated since we've been here...I'll rewind back to our move (2 weeks ago.) We're thankful for Nate and Sarah and the work crew they put together when we got here to help us unload! Everything went so smoothly and we had everything in place in no time!!! Oh, and Nate made us a flan as our "housewarming" present ...and it was REALLY GOOD!!!

Here are a few pictures of our trip, then arriving at our house and moving day:

Our mid-way point was a stop in Arlington at
Grandma and Grandpa Thomas'...always great to see them!

What Ryan and Lynzi looked like driving down the road!!!

Lynzi loaded up in the U-haul truck...she was her daddy's navigator!!!

Our first family photo in our new home! You can tell Asher doesn't care about our first photo...he was DONE for the day!!! He had good reason to be over it was a long few days and both of the kids were super troopers all the way here!

Ryan and Nate moving in the dryer!

Enjoying the flan that Nate made for us...YUM!

~Sarah and Asher~

more to come...soon!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Happy 1st birthday to our sweet Baby Asher boy!!!

More blog updates and pics to come as soon as we get internet set up at our house!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving Day...

Today was moving day (part 1)!!! We left this morning and stopped at Ryan's grandparents tonight (which is almost 1/2 way there.) We'll get up in the morning and start part 2 of the trek, which will end at OUR NEW HOUSE...YAY!!! We're so excited to get there and get settled in. We'll unload all of our stuff on Saturday...I can't think of a better Valentine's Day prezzy! Pray for our safety on the road tomorrow. Ryan and Lynzi are in the big Uhaul truck, pulling our utility trailer behind it and Asher and I are in the van! Our friend from Builders International, Cessi, went ahead with the B.I. Speed the Light truck and trailer full of our stuff, so it will be waiting on us when we get there! I'll let you know when we get there and post pics too.

p.s. BIG thanks to our wonderful friends who helped us load our house in record time yesterday (and made a miracle happen to fit it all in the two trucks...we were all a tiny bit worried at the end)!!! Cessi, John, Monte, Wade, Barney, Charlie and Debbie...THANK YOU!!! And Dad fed everyone gumbo for lunch and topped it off with an amazing dessert...and Mom babysat the kiddos for us....THANK YOU!!!! We love and appreciate you ALL!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Asher's 1st Birthday Party...

We celebrated Asher's 1st birthday a couple of weeks early the other night, with a few of our family and friends. The party was all about construction...and so much fun! Here are just a few pics from the night. I'll try to post more later...

~cute little birthday boy~

~hard hat cake...created by none other than PawPaw~

Llittle guy on the move...I think he was trying to escape his construction work ;)!!!

~Our hard workin' little man~

~Daddy and his boy at the "construction site"~

Friday, February 6, 2009


We received a call from headquarters earlier this week and it's official...we've exceeded 100% in our itineration budget and we're approved to start our missions work!!! We're so excited. This was after Ryan went to Washington last weekend for a service and God provided a miraculous offering!!! The pastor handed him a check that was the same amount that we were short in our cash budget...PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Our house is completely packed up and Saturday (tomorrow), we leave for Arkansas for our LAST service on Sunday...come back on Monday...load on Tuesday and Wednesday...Head out on Thursday!!! So, busy week ahead...but we're so excited to finally start into the work that God called us to 10 years ago! And it will be amazing to finally get settled into OUR OWN house.

Just wanted to share our exciting news with everyone!!!


P.S. Here are a few links to pics of my cutie speaking at the church in Washington last weekend (photos courtesy of Lloyd Smith):