Friday, July 25, 2008

We ran away and joined the circus...

..well for the evening anyway ;)!!! We went with Mom, Dad, Coy, Krystal, Jaym and Jax to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus on Thursday evening and we had such a fantastic time! I think we had the most perfect seats in the whole stadium!!! The kids were all so cute. Lynzi didn't get a nap that day because she was so excited (kind of like that Disney commercial..."I'm too excited to sleep!!!") We thought for sure she'd conk out on the way there...but again, too excited! So by the time we got there, her eyes were so heavy...but as soon as you walk in it is sensory overload and there was so much to take in that your eyes barely even blink :)!!! We were even in the spotlight for a minute! Bello is the star clown of the show (the show this year is called "Bellobration") and during one of the acts he came up into the audience with the spotlight following him. He came right up our aisle and I was sitting on the end I called Lynzi over to sit in my lap and got Jaym as close as we could in the short time we realized he was heading our way. So we got to shake his hand and he said "hi!" Then on his way back down...he grabbed Lynzi's hand again and pointed to her and said, "Hey, Shirley Temple!!!" Lynzi was so excited...she was the star of the show for a split second :)! It was so wonderful and I'm glad we got to go! I got ALOT of pictures...and at the very end there is a video of Lynzi's crazy self during the circus!!! :)
(The pics are kind of on them if you want to see them bigger.)

Ready for the cIrCuS!!!

Notice the stormy skies above!!!

Lynzi, Daddy and Asher...ready to go!!!

Lynzi wanted to have our picture taken with these bulls!

The whole fam (minus mom...the photographer) at the pre-show!

Cute Clowns!!!

Lynzi got to dress up in the pretty circus clothes!

Waiting for the confetti to fall!!!

The great flying Asher!!!

Grammi and Asher


And more fLyInG AsHeR!!!

Lynzi and Grammi are amused, Asher...not so much! :)

3 Cuzzies!!!

Ryan's crazy cotton candy hat...($12.00 later...eek...but what's a circus without cotton candy?!!)

Cutie Pie JAX!!!

Asher Boy

Watching intently!

Silly Girls!


After the Greatest Show on Earth!!!

The following is what cotton candy, sprite and LOTS of excitement will do for you:

(You can't see it that great b/c it's dark...but you cansee enough to tell she's in TOTALLY into the show!!!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lynzi's Swim Lessons...

Lynzi started her swim lessons on Monday. She's having a great time. She's still not totally comfortable getting her head or ears wet...but she's working on it! She's in the first class of the morning, which is not the most popular time b/c it's it's just her and one other little boy in the class.

~ Lynzi and her noodle on the way to swim lessons~

~ Lynzi and her Daddy listening to Mr. Joe (the teacher)~

~"Green Light Kicks" on the Wall~

~Swim Lesson Dance~

~Swim Lesson Dance...part 2~ :)

~"Woo, Swim Lessons will wear a girl out!!!"~


We had a service at Braeswood Assembly of God on Sunday morning. Actually we had 3, (technically 4)! They have 3 services on Sunday a satellite service that is videoed. The first service starts at 8 am, so we had a super early morning to get ready and be there on time! I got up at 4:30 and everyone else got up at 5:30. It was a long day, but well worth it :)!!! We had a great time getting to know the pastors and congregation of this great church!

~ Lynzi at 5:30 am~

~Our little Construction Missionary Kid (MK)~

~Asher in his Feltman Bros. outfit from Uncle Buddy and Aunt Debbie~

~ Lynzi with her new friends...Violet and Elliot~

~An African family from the church~
About 70% of the women at church had on these beautiful African dresses and hats...there was a row of women sitting along a wall and every one of them was decked out in African attire, but I didn't have my camera with me at that time to take a picture of it! It was really cool.

Justin Kirk Lofton's C.D. Release...

Our friend, Justin, made a c.d. and Ryan recorded on a few of the songs with him. Justin had a c.d. release concert last Saturday evening and Ryan played his electric guitar. It was such a great concert...I really enjoyed even kept my kiddos entertained! However, it was a very quiet and intimate type setting, so you know it was a challenge to keep Lynzi quiet for an hour! Anytime I was occupied with something else (either Asher or the camera...she took that as her "cue" to make a little noise of her own :)!!!) Anyways, here is a video clip of Ryan playing...

Ryan and Justin

Asher is 5 months old!

Wow, I can't believe it and I don't like it a bit...but Asher was 5 months old on Sunday!!! It has gone by so fast...and he's getting so big! He is such a great baby and we're all head over heels in love with him :)!!!

~5 months old~
Happy Boy

~Big Boy~


Since he turned 5 months old, I started him on rice cereal. He made a funny face for the few bites...but he seems to really like it! Below is a video of him taking his first bites (sorry for all the chit parents were there and we were all talking while Ryan was videoing!)

~Video of Asher's First Bites~


We just got the high chair out of the garage last week, since he was going to start eating. He looked so funny in it when I first put him in there b/c he was so small. The first day, he was sitting at the end of the table and Ryan walked in and didn't even see him! He asked where Asher was!

Where's Asher???

There he is!!!

Newsletter Mania...

Last week was "newsletter week," which means I created our newsletter (for our missions work)then we had to print, fold, stuff, stamp and seal them to mail out to churches, friends and family...all 425 of them!!! It's quite a process to get this job done, so when we's a good thing! Needless to say, when the last one was sealed....we did a family victory dance :)!!!

Newsletter time!

Our little moral supporters!!!

WooHoo...We're done...Victory Dance!

Victory Dance...part 2!!! ;)

Where's Jophes???

Lynzi and Asher were playing together on his playmat a couple weeks ago and I heard Lynzi keep saying, "Where's Jophes?" and "Hi Jophes!" when I looked over to see what she was doing with him, I saw this:

She put his burp cloth over his head like Mary, so I guess since he was a boy...that made him Joseph, or "Jophes" in her words!!! :)


Silly kiddos :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Asher's first swim...

Well, we went swimming at my brother and sister-in-law's house and Asher got in for his first swim! But, did I take a picture before he got out??? NOOO! What was I thinking??? Anyways, so the next time we went over there...I took pictures. So, it's not really his first "official" swim, but its his first "documented" swim! He LOVES the water. Here are a few pics of Asher with his PawPaw in the pool!

Then there's Lynzi! She loves the idea of swimming and the pool, but she's a little skittish when it comes to actually going under or floating on her back, etc. She doesn't want us to take even a finger off of her when she's in the water. She started swim lessons this week at the YMCA, so I'll post about that later. But for now, here are some pics of her the same day as the Asher pics!