Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 random facts about me...

This thing has been going around Facebook and I think just about everyone who has a facebook has done it and half of them had tagged me for I finally did it. The rules are to list 25 random facts about yourself, then tag 25 people to do it also. Since I took the time to do it, I figured I'd post it on here. You should do it too!!!

1. I've had a HUGE crush on Ryan since I was a little girl...I told my mom when I was 12 years old that I would marry him someday!!!

2. I don't know why I am doing this thing...I do not have time (that's why I am doing it while everyone in my family is asleep!!!) But since 2.8 million people tagged me for it, i figured I would try to figure out 25 things about me to type. ;)

3. I taught 2nd grade when we lived in California (while Ryan was in the Navy...until I was pregnant for Lynzi.)

4. I can't believe that I've been married to my sweetheart for 10 amazing years! He is absolutely my dream come true!!!

5. Ryan and I were youth pastors for 4 years after we got married.

6. I was the church "janitor" for about 6 years!

7. I love carrying on a conversation and laughing with Lynzi..."we crack each other up" (as she likes to say!) She is my sweet little precious doll!!!

8. I never imagined I could love a little boy as much as I love Asher...I am completely SMITTEN with him and I cannot get enough of him!

9. I have so much fun going to the little playgroup that we put together (I'm not sure who enjoys it or the kids!!!)...and I'm sad that tomorrow is most likely our last day to go (but I hope that the other girls keep it up after I leave!)

10. I'm 100% a choco-holic (I think pregnancy intensified it...yeah, I'll blame it on pregnancy!)

11. I loved being pregnant.

12. I played basketball from 5th grade until 12th grade.

13. Two of my bestest friends and I all had our babies within 3 1/2 months of each other (like we had always wanted it to be...but it wasn't really planned!!!)

14. We are about to move to begin our work as missionaries (which God called us to 10 years ago. We finally made his timing! And it was a GREAT journey getting to this point!)

15. I love George W. Bush (and he put his arm around me for a picture when he was Gov. of Texas and I was a jr. in high school...he recognized our basketball team after winning state! Yeah, me and him...we're tight, but i cannot find the picture anywhere!) ***sidenote: if any of my b-ball friends has a copy of that picture...will you scan it and send it to me, please!?!? thanks.

16. My parents are amazing...they are the true picture of what a fabulous marriage looks like!!!

17. I am addicted to the "dot, dot, dot" when typing. You can look back at what I've written so far and I'm sure there are already like 30 "..."'s!

18. I do not like the flavor of coffee at all...but i do love the smell!!!

19. Tomorrow is my brother's birthday...Happy Birthday, Coy! (and my aunt's too.)

20. I love hanging out with my to Ryan, she is my very best friend and I want to be just like her!!!

21. I love the Lord my God with ALL my heart, ALL my soul, and ALL my strength!

22. I am a game night is my FAVORITE!!!

23. I am very competitive..but in a loving, sweet-spirited way, of course!!! :)

24. I am a huge fan of roller coasters! Ryan and I used to get season passes to Six Flags every year and one summer, we went on a little vacation to all of the Six Flags parks in Texas...Astroworld, Fiesta Texas and Six Flags over Texas!

25. My in-laws are so wonderful. And my Kak is one of my very best friends!!!

***Oh wait, there's more...

* For the first 28 years of my life, purple was my favorite color. But suddenly in the last year...I can't get enough RED!!!

*Ryan and I graduated from college on the same exact day! Our colleges were 2 hours apart and we lived in the middle. His ceremony was in the morning and mine was in the we got to go to each others!!!

WOW...I never imagined I'd come up with 27 things!


p.s. (It's much easier than it looks!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do....

We went to a village called Bermuda Landing where howler monkeys live...(also known as the Baboon Sanctuary...Belizeans call monkeys baboons!) We hired a "monkey man" named Winston to find some monkeys for us:

~Cute little monkey we visited~

~Baby monkey hanging on to the mommy~

~Mommy Monkey eating a banana from the "Monkey Man"...look closely on her belly and you can see the baby still holding on~

~The monkey crawling over me to get to the banana...yikes!~

~Monkey striking a pose with me~

~Lynzi, Ryan and Asher checking out the monkey (he dropped down from the tree for a snack)~

~Ryan and Asher with the monkey~

~Mimi and Asher waiting to see the monkeys~

~Ryan, Poppy and Lynzi ready for some monkey time~

~Ryan and Laci~

~Lynzi with her new creole friend Damien~
He and his family lived in the house right by where our monkey man had us park, while he went to find the monkeys. So Lynzi played with him while we waited! It was like they had been friends forever. They chased a kitty cat, a dog and some chickens and they listened for the monkeys! He kept saying, "Hear da baboons!"

~Asher was quite interested in Winston the Monkey Man's goat-tee~

Monday, January 19, 2009

Last Friday in Belize...

On Friday, we went to some more ruins called Xunantunich...which means "Stone Lady." We hiked to the top and it was quite a spectacular view!!! Yesterday we went into the jungle to see the howler monkeys...and one crawled all over me!!! I'll post pics of that in a few days! We're heading out to the island now!

~Ryan, Lynzi and Laci at the top~
~ View of the ruins from the highest peak~

~ View of Guatamala from the top of Xunantunich~

~Ryan in the sky~

~Lynzi, Ryan and Poppy on the way up~

~silly girls~

~Pretty girl resting after a hike~

~Laci and Asher together again....(he and Mimi waited for us at the bottom...and almost got attacked by a stray dog too!)~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuesday in Belize...

Tuesday we went to some Mayan ruins called "Altun Ha." It was pouring down rain when we got there, so Mimi stayed in the car with Asher while the rest of us explored!


~Altun Ha~

Poppy...the tour guide!

Poppy, Lynzi and the top!

Lynzi "trying' to stay dry!

~Ryan, Lynzi and Poppy~

~Me and My Girl~

~Me and My Honey~

~My Little Angel~
My shutter speed (I think that is what it was) was off on my camera when I snapped this of Lynzi and her arms looked just like angel wings fluttering!!! I guess it's true...she really is an angel! :)

"I did it"...she exclaimed!!!

~Asher and Mimi hanging out in the car~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We are in Belize visiting Ryan's parents and we're having a great time with them. I promised some of you that I would update and post pics as often as I can. So here is what we've done so far:

We left on Sunday and the flight could not have been more perfect!!! There were only 34 people on the entire plane, so we were able to spread out and take the kids to the back and didn't have to worry about a thing! And the flight attendants were so sweet to the kids.

First thing on Monday, we went to an Assemblies of God school here to deliver some eye glasses that an optometrist made just for these kids. The children were on their break from class, so we got to visit with them while we passed out their glasses. Lynzi was really excited to meet her new "friends"!!! She went up to each of the kids and said, "Hi, I'm Lynzi...what's your name?" :) Super cute! Then we went to the zoo. Here are some pics from Monday:

Lynzi and Mimi with some sweet girls

Poppy, Asher and Lynzi with some more sweet girls

A boy checking us out through the window

The Belize Zoo...

Mimi, Asher & Lynzi

Laci, Lynzi & Mimi with a Mayan statue

Asher telling Poppy about the birds!

jungle potty break...

Lynzi measuring up to the stork that tried to attack her (the real one did...not the statue!)

Poppy and Asher Boy

Lynzi proud of her sprite!!!

Asher drawing

Monday, January 5, 2009

Family Tradition...

Here are a few more Christmas pics from our Farmer family party.
I'll explain one of our Farmer family traditions: trying to trip Santa Claus...

Each year we set up a trap of some sort to catch Santa (and his presents too!!!) This year, PawPaw put out this HUGE trap that he made several years ago. The trap was suspended from the rafters on the porch of his barn and we put a plate of food, along with a chair for Santa to rest in...all under the trap! A rope is tied from the trap to a jingle bell in the house. Throughout the night, everyone is listening for the jingle bells to start jingling...which means the trap went down! Then everyone runs out to see if we got Santa. Usually he ends up getting away...but the grandkids always end up with presents that fell out of his bag! This year, he managed to get out of the trap before we got to him and he got away on his motorcycle, but not without a good chasing from all the grandkids!!! It's fun every year and we never know how it will turn out!

~Asher, Jaym, Jax, Lynzi & PawPaw with the Santa trap~

~"Uncle Danny" telling Santa stories to the kids...while waiting on Santa~

~Jaym and Lynzi...anticipating Santa~

~More from Uncle Danny~

~Lynzi's not sure if she believes everything Uncle Danny is saying!!!~

~Jax listening intently~

~Jaym...just ready for some Santa presents~

~Lynzi after the whole Santa trap commotion and trying to chase him down on his motorcycle and finally finding her present that fell out of Santa's bag~

~Ginger and Asher~

~Asher and Randy~