Monday, December 1, 2008

Sweet Lynzi-girl...

Just a sweet little conversation between me and Lynzi when I woke her up to get ready for church last Sunday morning...

***Lynzi SOUND asleep

Laci: "Lynzi, it's time to wake up, baby."

Lynzi: *nothing*

Laci: "Lynzi, it's time to get up so we can get ready for church."

Lynzi: *smiles really big...eyes still closed* "I love you, Mommy!"

Laci: *smiles really big, while heart melts* :) "I love you too, sweetie! Are you ready to get up now, so we can get ready for church and go to class?" (her favorite part of church!)

Lynzi: *eyes still closed and still smiling and stretching* "Yes ma'am."

Laci: "Okay, lets get up and get some breakfast, sweetie."

Lynzi: *eyes wide open* "I WANT SOME CEREAL!" *as she jumps right out of bed*

Haha! Sweet girl...and she LOVES her cereal :)!!!


Sarah said...

Cute! Miss that little princess!