Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuesday in Belize...

Tuesday we went to some Mayan ruins called "Altun Ha." It was pouring down rain when we got there, so Mimi stayed in the car with Asher while the rest of us explored!


~Altun Ha~

Poppy...the tour guide!

Poppy, Lynzi and the top!

Lynzi "trying' to stay dry!

~Ryan, Lynzi and Poppy~

~Me and My Girl~

~Me and My Honey~

~My Little Angel~
My shutter speed (I think that is what it was) was off on my camera when I snapped this of Lynzi and her arms looked just like angel wings fluttering!!! I guess it's true...she really is an angel! :)

"I did it"...she exclaimed!!!

~Asher and Mimi hanging out in the car~