Saturday, January 24, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do....

We went to a village called Bermuda Landing where howler monkeys live...(also known as the Baboon Sanctuary...Belizeans call monkeys baboons!) We hired a "monkey man" named Winston to find some monkeys for us:

~Cute little monkey we visited~

~Baby monkey hanging on to the mommy~

~Mommy Monkey eating a banana from the "Monkey Man"...look closely on her belly and you can see the baby still holding on~

~The monkey crawling over me to get to the banana...yikes!~

~Monkey striking a pose with me~

~Lynzi, Ryan and Asher checking out the monkey (he dropped down from the tree for a snack)~

~Ryan and Asher with the monkey~

~Mimi and Asher waiting to see the monkeys~

~Ryan, Poppy and Lynzi ready for some monkey time~

~Ryan and Laci~

~Lynzi with her new creole friend Damien~
He and his family lived in the house right by where our monkey man had us park, while he went to find the monkeys. So Lynzi played with him while we waited! It was like they had been friends forever. They chased a kitty cat, a dog and some chickens and they listened for the monkeys! He kept saying, "Hear da baboons!"

~Asher was quite interested in Winston the Monkey Man's goat-tee~