Monday, January 5, 2009

Family Tradition...

Here are a few more Christmas pics from our Farmer family party.
I'll explain one of our Farmer family traditions: trying to trip Santa Claus...

Each year we set up a trap of some sort to catch Santa (and his presents too!!!) This year, PawPaw put out this HUGE trap that he made several years ago. The trap was suspended from the rafters on the porch of his barn and we put a plate of food, along with a chair for Santa to rest in...all under the trap! A rope is tied from the trap to a jingle bell in the house. Throughout the night, everyone is listening for the jingle bells to start jingling...which means the trap went down! Then everyone runs out to see if we got Santa. Usually he ends up getting away...but the grandkids always end up with presents that fell out of his bag! This year, he managed to get out of the trap before we got to him and he got away on his motorcycle, but not without a good chasing from all the grandkids!!! It's fun every year and we never know how it will turn out!

~Asher, Jaym, Jax, Lynzi & PawPaw with the Santa trap~

~"Uncle Danny" telling Santa stories to the kids...while waiting on Santa~

~Jaym and Lynzi...anticipating Santa~

~More from Uncle Danny~

~Lynzi's not sure if she believes everything Uncle Danny is saying!!!~

~Jax listening intently~

~Jaym...just ready for some Santa presents~

~Lynzi after the whole Santa trap commotion and trying to chase him down on his motorcycle and finally finding her present that fell out of Santa's bag~

~Ginger and Asher~

~Asher and Randy~


Jenn said...

I LOVE this story - what a great family tradition!