Thursday, April 15, 2010


Everything is in full bloom right now and gorgeous (including my kiddos on both counts...hehe!) I took this first picture yesterday and just overnight the azaleas have bloomed even more, so I'll have to get another picture! We've really enjoyed watching all the trees we planted last May bloom out this spring (since we didn't yet have them this time last year, this is our first year to see their spring blooms!) Our red buds are so pretty and our apple trees in the back yard started flowering this week! It's so amazing to see how the trees change distinctly every season....not something we were used to coming from South Texas! And they are gorgeous no matter what the season....whether they're just bare limbs covered in snow, fully bloomed and flowered out, green leaves or orange leaves! I absolutely adore this time of year. The kids and I have played outside for hours and hours and hours the last few weeks. We've had so much fun, having picnics and playdates, etc!

Happy Spring!!! :)

~Asher, Lynzi and Azalea~

Align Center~love is in the air~

~snacking on a pear~


~red bud~



The Sheffield Scoop said...

I love the one of them hugging each other!