Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loose teeth, Kindergarten, ya know...big girl stuff!!!

My oh my...I don't even want to do this post, but for memory's sake, I know I have to!

So....I don't even know where to start with this girl of mine, she's just getting TOO big! She just turned five and she already has 2 loose teeth...WHAT?!?!? I know...crazy! She had talked about loose teeth a few times over the last couple weeks, but I really didn't pay all that much attention to it because we had been at my parent's house and she had been hanging out with her cousin Jaym, who is 8 and has lots of loose and missing teeth. So I just assumed she was talking "big girl talk" and pretending she had a loose tooth, b/c it's not like her teeth were REALLY loose...she JUST turned 5!!! Ummm...WRONG! So I was fixing her hair in the bathroom the other day and she smiled at me in the mirror and I saw this gap in her bottom teeth that hasn't been there before. It looked like she already lost a tooth, but after looking was her two bottom middle teeth that were loose, so they were leaning on each other (Lynzi said they were "hugging") and it made a space on the outside of them that wasn't there before! And even crazier...she already has 2 teeth popped through the gums right behind them! I absolutely could not believe it. It didn't seem right, so I immediately called the dentist to see if this could possibly be somewhat normal and they said the normal "shedding" age for the first teeth are 6-7, but she could just be at the very early side of that. They pulled her x-rays from her last visit and said in fact that those teeth were close to the surface back in February, so they could come out anytime and it should be fine! So I came to terms that it was okay and took some pictures of her sweet, almost snaggly smile (b/c who knows how many more pictures I'll be able to take with all her baby teeth intact!)

And yet another big girl thing...Kindergarten "Summer School":
Our school district offers a free "summer school" program to all kids K-12, including those entering Kindergarten in the fall. The kindergarten program basically focuses on routines and transitions, as well as Kindergarten concepts, so they are better prepared when they actually start school in the fall (and free lunch, wow...can't beat that!) Our neighbor across the street teaches first grade at the school where Lynzi will attend and she said she highly recommends it, especially for Kindergartners (and more especially for those who have never been in a school setting, like preschool...which Lynzi has not.) She said by the end of it, they really "know the ropes" and are ahead of the game when Kindergarten starts in the fall and they are much more comfortable since they know what to expect and most of the time become leaders and helpers to the other kids, who didn't go to summer school (which Lynzi would no doubt do regardless, summer school or not!) The schedule is a little more intense than we expected it would be, but Lynzi begged us to let her do she starts next week! My baby is going to school for the first time....and with 2 loose teeth!!!! Waaaaaa....somebody make it stop!!!

~sweet smile~

~look close and see her bottom middle teeth "hugging"~

~they love each other~

~my sweetnesses~

~cool guy~

~cute kid~