Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The time has come...

We moved Asher to his "big boy" bed!!! He got his cast off yesterday (Tuesday) and we were afraid of him crawling out of his bed and hurting his sensitive leg (I'm not sure he would've tried it because it's so sensitive, but it's such a normal/routine thing for him to hop out of his crib that he might not think about it until it's too late!) So we changed his crib into the toddler bed last night before bed! He did great and was pretty excited about it. Lynzi thought it looked like a train for some reason, so she deemed it his "choo choo bed" and of course he liked it all the more better then. Now when we mention his big boy bed he grins from ear to ear and says, "choo choo!" He still hasn't put any real weight on his leg since the cast came off yesterday, so I also thought it might be a good time for the transition into the toddler bed since he wouldn't be so apt to getting out and roaming around the room b/c he's not getting around great just yet. So my other thought was that he would start with a good habit of staying in his bed! Anyways, we did our normal bedtime routine with him and he only got out once after we left...then went right to sleep after that and slept all night! I just now put him down for his nap and he did great again. Yay. :)

I had mentioned awhile back in an Asher update that he had started potty training and had really taken an interest in it. Well, as you can imagine...that came to a screeching halt once we got the cast on! That would have gotten messy really quick. So I'm hoping that once he's acclimated to his cast-less leg once again that he'll breeze right back into potty training...we'll see how that goes!!!

So, as for his leg, when they took off the cast...the lady had her circular saw thing and warned us that it was really loud and he'd probably cry from the noise, but assured us that it wouldn't cut or hurt just vibrates, so it tickles. She turned it on and started cutting the cast off and Asher looked up at his Daddy and started cracking up!!! It was so cute...he was all smiles as he just giggled. The nurse was quite impressed since she expected tears! Then they took him to x-ray. The doctor came in to look at it and said that it was actually a clear break, rather than the "classic toddler fracture" that he originally thought it was. But he felt like Asher would be okay to go without another cast. We have another appointment for a final x-ray in 3 months to make sure the growth plates are growing back the way they're supposed to. So, now we're just helping him figure out how to walk on that leg again.

Oh, and the poor baby has an ear infection! You would NEVER know it though. Sunday he woke up and kept pointing to his ear and saying, "ouch". He did it consistently throughout the day, but was completely fine otherwise, with no other symptoms. I went ahead and made him an appointment on Monday morning and she looked at the non-hurting ear and said it looked gorgeous, then she looked at the left ear and said, "He's right...he has an ear infection!" I asked why he wouldn't have a fever, since there is infection and she said fever is not a good indicator of an ear's behavior change to watch out for. But she said in Asher's case, I guess that's not a good indicator he happily hobbled (this was the day before his cast came off) out of her room! The doctor told the nurse as we walked out, "That is the HAPPIEST ear infection I've ever seen!" :)

Still as sweet as ever....

~last pic with cast on~

~cast coming off~

~watching intently as she starts cutting it off~

~Daddy laughing at Asher laughing~

I was taking these with Ryan's phone and everybody's heads were in my way, so I couldn't see what I was getting....but I thought this ended up pretty cute (even though 1/2 his face it cut can still see how cute his expression is!!!)

~happy boy~

~there goes the top half~

~safe in daddy's arms~

"hmmmmm, now what do I do!?!?"

~skinny leg~

~gettin some lovin'~

~big boy bed~

~sleepy boy...long day~


The Sheffield Scoop said...

I am so proud of him. I don't think Randy would have like the saw machine that close to him!