Thursday, March 18, 2010

busy girl...

Little Miss Lynzi has been a busy girl lately. She started soccer practice again. We were glad to find out that has her same great coaches as last season. This season, her team will be navy blue and they deemed themselves the "Sharks" (much to Lynzi's disagreement...she thought they should be the "Kitties"!!!) Haha. She's one of the youngest on the team this year but she's pretty much the tallest too!

The most exciting news of the day is that she got to go to "Kindergarten Preview" at her elementary school today. She has been counting down the days for this (and at first she thought she was actually starting school on this we had to get that straight!) She was so happy to get up and go today. I think I was as excited as she was! Ryan came home from work to go with us. Our next door neighbor boy (Evan) is starting Kindergarten too, so we left at the same time so they could go in together. When we walked in, they directed us to the cafeteria, where they had donut holes and apple juice for the kids. Parents turned in paperwork and signed the kids up for their kindergarten screenings, which are in May. Then the principal greeted us and introduced the Kindergarten teachers. They split the room in half and sent one group to one of the Kinder classrooms with 3 of the teachers and the other group to another classroom with the other 3 teachers. The kids sat on the rug and parents in the chairs. They gave us a sheet of what the kids need to know before the fall (all of which Lynzi already knew, OF COURSE!!!) The teachers talked to the kids and one read a book (which each child got a copy of, along with an alphabet chart!) Then they sang a song and learned the dance moves. Then came Lynzi's favorite part...THE BUS RIDE! They lined up and walked out to the curb, where the bus was waiting for them. The teachers rode with them and parents stayed behind to finish paperwork. She was all smiles and can't wait to start school "FOR REAL," as she states it!

A few funny things she said on the way home. She was looking over the alphabet chart they gave her and saying the letter with the picture that is next to it. She got to Q and there was a quarter pictured (she doesn't have all of her coins down yet) and she said, "Q, q, PENNY!" And she stopped for a minute because she knew that didn't sound quite right!!! Then I was going over the "need to know" paper with her and it had normal personal info (name, parents' names, bday, etc). This question wasn't on there, but I just asked her anyways b/c she's told me the answer just out of the blue before. So I asked her "where were you born?" (As in, what state?) She looked at me and said, "I don't know....a hospital?!?!?" (Like, duh...where else would I have been born?!?!!!) It was funny.

This week she has 3 birthday parties to go to and a playdate! Good thing soccer practice is cancelled for spring break!!!

Lovin' this girl...but have to post pics later because my memory stick won't work in my computer right now. :(


The Sheffield Scoop said...

LOVE HER! :) And you!!!

I can't wait for her to get to go school supply shopping! YAY!