Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lynzi Grace is 5...

Lynzi's birthday was last Thursday and we had so much fun celebrating ALL week! We had her birthday party on Monday night, while Grammi and PawPaw were still in was at Incredible Pizza (or "Crediblin Pizza" as Lynzi calls it!) She had 15 little friends (and 14 adults) to help her celebrate...Strawberry Shortcake style!!! Here are some fun pictures from the birthday party:

~Birthday Princess~

~Happy Birthday Lynzi~

~Daddy, Birthday Girl, Mommy~
(brother was running the hallways with pawpaw)


~The Party Crowd~

~Lynzi and Gideon~
(one of her "boy" friends)

~cutie by the car~

~proud of her very own birthday sign~


"happy birthday to me"

~Pretty girl with prezzies and "pupcakes"~

"cheese...can i open my presents now!?!?!"

~spinning the prize wheel~

"oooh, a piggy bank..."

~pin the gem on Strawberry's tiara~

~Daddy and Li'l Bubba~ of his may favorite things to do~

~Asher the race car driver~