Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lynzi's day at Kindergarten...

Here are the pictures from Lynzi's Kindergarten Preview:

~Kinder Lynzi~

~Lynzi and Asher~

~growing uP~

~Evan is our next door neighbor and they are excited to start Kindergarten together~

~in front of her school~

~Lynzi finishing her juice with Mommy~

~Evan and Lynzi ready to go in~

~Kindergarten Classroom~

~Evan is all smiles after the bus ride~

~Evan and his mom Angie~

~Asher boy...thinks he's ready for Kindergarten too~


Judith and Lance said...

Oh my these pictures are SO cute. I love Lynzi's outfit... she is absolutely beautiful just like her mama! You have model-equse kids for sure!