Monday, June 8, 2009

i love my babies...

Another amazing thing that Lynzi said the other night (as she and I were cuddling in the hammock in the backyard...watching the lightning bugs!) "Mommy, could you ever imagine in the world that we would love each other so much?!?!?) ...makes my heart smile!!! :)

Here are a few pics taken over the last week:

~Lynzi proud of her new strawberry shortcake puzzle we put together this morning~
This is Asher's 2nd new favorite spot...standing in a chair. His favorite spot is on top of the kitchen table, right in the middle of it! He is a climber-extraordinaire (and it drives me cRaZy!!!) I'm not sure if I'll get a picture of him on the table b/c as soon as I catch him up there...I'm sprinting to get him off before he gets himself off! I now have to keep the chairs pulled away from the table (or away from anything for that matter b/c he'll use it to climb up somewhere even higher!) It's quite a chore keeping him off of things during the day. Lynzi was quite the climber I'm 2 for 2!!! :)

Asher eating his first VERY OWN ice cream cone...he was
happy that he didn't have to share with anyone!

Well, the next two didn't come out very clear b/c a certain 4 year old in our house played with my camera that day and smudged up the lens...oh well.
~Family prayer before dinner. Asher loves can see how excited he is about it!!!~

How sweet is this?!?! This was right before we prayed and Asher got a really good hold of Ryan's hand! I love it. He is really getting the idea that we always pray before we eat. One day I was getting everyone's food on the table and Ryan and Lynzi started eating before we prayed and Asher spoke up big time to let us know we hadn't prayed was cool!!! :)

I have a lot more pictures that I want to keep checking back!


Melissa said...

They are getting so big!

Kayla said...

These kids captured my heart the evening I sat for you!!
The comment made by Lynzi is the sweetest thing I've ever heard!
And Asher holding hands with Ryan is PRICELESS!
I'm going to miss you guys so much this summer!!!