Monday, May 4, 2009

The Wedding....

Well, wedding weekend is officially over!!! Everything turned out really great. The wedding was perfect. The bride was gorgeous, the groom was adorable, the flower girl was an angelic little sweetheart and the best man was...WOW!!! I actually didn't get any good pictures of the bride and groom together (there is one of them far away during the toast) but I had Asher in my arms the entire it made getting decent pics difficult, especially during the wedding b/c I was stuffing Asher with cheerios, graham crackers, water, pacifier...whatever it took to keep him quiet during the ceremony :)! It was quite a morning, getting ready for the wedding...actually it was quite a weekend. Here's a recap:

Friday: get house ready for 40+ guests coming over after wedding to watch Nate and Sarah open gifts, rehearsal dinner at a hibachi grill...DELISH. then to rehearsal. back home and in bed, ready for the BIG DAY!

Saturday morning: finish getting house ready for 40+ guests coming over after wedding, bake 150 cookies for guests, got all the drinks chilled, put Asher down for his nap, get myself ready, get Lynzi ready...all the while, Ryan, Mimi and Poppy went to Nate's graduation from AGTS (Assemblies of God Theological Seminary) which was at 10:30 and the wedding was at 1:30! So, I was supposed to have Lynzi at the church at noon for pictures. I got Asher up and dressed and got them both a little bit of lunch before we left. I loaded them up and we headed out. Then we had quite a time getting to the church, between Ryan's directions, what the GPS was trying to tell me and detours....just a little hectic!!! But we finally arrived and here are a few pics of the big day:

~My gorgeous little flower girl~
~The beautiful bride and the little bride~

~the wedding party~

~the Best Man's toast~

~throwing the bouquet~

~my SWEET boys~

~adorable angel~
~me and my precious honey~

~Cousin Caitlin and Asher~

~Asher and Mimi~

~Asher, Mimi and Poppy~

~Our little Fam~

~At our house after the wedding...Grandma and Grandpa Thomas, Asher and Mimi...they were all laughing at Asher b/c he thought it was so funny that we were telling him to smile and he was laughing really loud~

~Grandpa and Asher~

~Asher lovin' on Mimi before they left~


Kayla said...

Awe! Congrats to your in-laws!

Asher and Lynzi are so adorable in these pictures. Your family looks sooo sweet!

Glad it was a gooooood weekend!