Thursday, April 30, 2009

quick pics....

I haven't updated photos in a while and life is a little c-R-a-Z-y busy right I thought I'd just post 2 pics of the kids with their grandpas! I haven't edited them or anything, but they are super sweet just like this...

~ Asher and Poppy~

~Lynzi and PawPaw~

Life "might" slow down a little after this weekend. Nate and Sarah's wedding is on Saturday, so we have LOTS of family coming to celebrate. It will be an exciting weekend. I know I'll have LOTS of pictures to post after that (not that I don't have 258,000 on my computer right now, waiting to be uploaded...just haven't had time!) So after wedding weekend, I will try to sit down and post some more pics. Have a great weekend.