Thursday, May 27, 2010

and so it begins...

...the school years! So bittersweet! I think I've been just as excited as Lynzi this week, but at the same time I really just want to keep her right under my wing all it's always been! But change means growth and growth is good (right??? right.) She was the first one in her classroom this morning and her teacher had all the students' name tags spread out on a table where they walked in. So the teacher asked her to find hers and after Lynzi looked a second, she picked up the one that said "Lynzie" and she did not hesitate to tell her teacher (in her sweet way, of course) that her name didn't have an 'E'! The teacher made a new one for her and Lynzi found her seat and she was pleased that the name tag on her desk area was already spelled right! Once she sat down, she was ready to get busy. I asked her if I could take a picture of her with the teacher and she said, "No...I just want to stay in my seat!" Once she was settled, we headed out. I was ready to pull up a chair and hang out all day...would've totally made me happy, but I guess that kind of goes against protocol! So out the door we went. Ryan got in his car to head to work and Asher and I in our car to go run some errands. Just me and Asher. We were going to Wal-Mart and as we pulled out of the school parking lot, I could not remember a time that just Asher and I went to a store together since he was about 3 months old!!! Crazy, huh?!?! Even crazier is that we were done with our errands and back home by 9:00 am! As soon as we walked back in the house and I saw a couple little messy piles of toys that Lynzi had left lying around...I instantly missed her! I wished that she was sitting there playing in the middle of the mess, but she wasn't. She was loving every minute of school, learning and playing and having so much fun! We waited in a huge line to pick her up from school this afternoon. I had the windows down and was way back in the line when she spotted me from the sidewalk! I saw her pointing and could hear her shout, "MOMMY!" Ahhh....sweet music to my ears! She started telling me all about it before she even got in the van! She loved every bit of it, but her favorite part was recess (she got to go 2 times!) And she was happy to announce that she ate ALL of her lunch..."even the thing that wraps around the corn dog" (meaning the batter...she doesn't really like anything fried, so we never have corn dogs at home and the few times she's had them out...she's not a fan of the outside of the corn dog, so she just eats the weenie inside, but not today! I suppose it's because she's a big Kindergartner now!) She can't wait to go back tomorrow!

~cutest kindergartner that kindergarten has ever seen~

~sporting a sweet smile (minus one tooth)~

~daddy and his baby girl~

~crazy kiddos~

~waiting for the doors to open~

~her first school buddy~

~Ms. Doyle putting on the "new" nametag~

~ready to get to work~

~cute desk~

~mommy and her big girl~


The Sheffield Scoop said...

Love it all!

I think Asher is going to love this time with just you!

Judith and Lance said...

These pics are all so sweet. Is she in a year round school program?

Laci said...

Thanks, Chels!

Judith: Thank you. No, it's just a summer school program that our school district offers for K-7. It's completely free and free lunch for 4 weeks. It's really cool for kids about to start Kindergarten b/c they learn the routines and transitions and really know the ropes when they start Kindergarten in the fall. She LOVES it!!!