Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please pray for Tyler...

I copied and pasted the blog post below from my cousin's blog. It is about our 15 year old cousin, Tyler, who is having heart surgery tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 12) at 7:00 am. Please keep him in your prayers and if you live in the Deer Park the bottom there is info on a benefit dinner/auction being held for Tyler. Thank you for your prayers for TYLER!

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Tomorrow my 15 year old cousin, Tyler Boyer, will undergo Open Heart Surgery this Friday, February 12th. Many of you know him, and many of you don't. Please take a few minutes and continue to read!

There is a quote that says "Nature has perfections, in order to show that she is the image of God; and defects, to show that she is only His image." While we were all created in the image of God, we are not Him, and that leaves every one of us with afflictions, defects, conditions; whatever you choose to label them.

Tyler Boyer of Deer Park, Texas, is a 15 year old freshman at Deer Park High School. He is the son of Danny and Ginger Boyer; student pastors at Calvary Chapel Assembly of God Church in Pasadena. He is the grandson of Joe and Lynda Wilburn of Deer Park; owners of Baytown Music Center and former owners of the Lollipop Boutique of Pasadena.

Tyler was born with a heart defect called Fibro Muscular Sub Aortic Stenosis. To put it in simpler terms; the heart has four chambers and in the lower left hand chamber, the aortic valve works like a one-way “gate”. When the heart pumps, the aortic valve opens to let blood flow into the large blood vessel called the aorta; blood then flows through the aorta into the rest of the body. Tyler has a membrane growing from the inside of that lower chamber, and down on the valve, which causes his "gate" not to close all the way. This allows blood to leak back into his heart and at the same time, his heart having to work harder to pump blood through a narrower opening that is blocked by the membrane. Tyler's heart has been overworked for 15 years. After a lot of review on his case, a team of surgeons from Texas Children's Hospital have decided it is urgent to get this problem taken care of on an immediate basis. On February 12, 2010, Tyler will undergo Open Heart Surgery to remove this membrane from his heart and repair the damage done to his aortic valve.

Unlike most boys his age, Tyler has never been able to participate in contact sports, nor will he ever be able to participate in any organized team sports at the high school level, due to his heart condition. While most teenage boys are out running the fields and lifting weights, Tyler has been prohibited from doing so. But, that has never held his sweet, outgoing spirit back. Tyler is an active member of his youth group at Calvary Chapel Assembly of God Church, where he is also a part of the Praise and Worship band on Sundays and leads Praise and Worship in youth on Wednesday nights. He is most talented at the guitar, but can also play the drums and piano. Tyler also sings in the choir at Deer Park High School. His funny personality keeps him constantly entertaining his family and friends and uplifting the spirits of those around him. And even while he is facing this obstacle at much too young an age, Tyler's love for and faith in God has always been bigger than his heart condition. His faith speaks volumes of his character. Since Tyler was just a toddler, he has been praying daily for God to heal his heart and he knows that God has put this amazing team of surgeons in his life to do just that!

This is a young man with a heart of gold, but even gold has to be doctored and molded into its final destiny. The destiny of Tyler's heart is not to be defective and overworked, but to be strong and healthy. Please remember Tyler in your prayers!

"Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him of them all." Psalm 34:19

The cost of this surgery is overwhelming. The leading team of surgeons that will be performing the surgery at Texas Children's Hospital are not in Danny and Ginger's insurance network. This surgery exceeds hundreds of thousands above what the insurance will pay. Our family along with our church will be hosting a spaghetti dinner benefit on the 27th of February to help with the overall cost of the surgery. Please join us in an all out community effort to make this a great success!

Spaghetti Dinner and Auction - Saturday February 27, 2010
Calvary Chapel Assembly of God Church / Family Life Center
3822 Greenshadow - Pasadena, Texas 77503
Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
Garlic Bread
Cost $10/per plate
Serving dinners from 11:00am - 3:00pm
Dine in or Take out
Auction 1:00pm - 3:00pm

If you would like to have your dinner delivered, we can deliver from 10:00am until 1:00pm with a minimum of 5 orders.

We will also be pre-selling briskets that are being made by award winning cook off team members. They will be ready for pick - up the day of the benefit. They will be about 12 pounds and the cost is $40. Please email the address below to order a brisket.

Donations can be made directly into the Tyler's Heart Fund account at Texas Coastal Bank.

You may also donate items for the live or silent auction. If you know of any businesses who would like to make a donation they can contact me at the email address below!

We would like most tickets to the benefit to be pre-sold for food prep purposes. If you would like to buy tickets please email Chelsey at ore message her on blogger or facebook.

Please visit the website at

If you know Tyler, visit the website and see how to leave a note for Tyler to read before and after his surgery!

Thank you everyone for your prayers, love and support!

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