Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween....2 1/2 weeks later!

Well, here we are...2 1/2 weeks after halloween and I am FINALLY getting a chance to post some pics of the cute little critters! I have a lot of updating to do, so here we go....

Mom and Dad came in for a spur of the moment trip the week of halloween because we were leaving for a Builders International trip and it would be a while before we'd see them again and they hadn't gotten to see Lynzi play in a soccer game they found a good deal and came! We had a really great time (as always)! Halloween was a crazy, busy, but super fun day. We were up early for Lynzi's last soccer game, then we went to her soccer team party, then headed home for naps. Then the kids got in their costumes and we headed to our church for a big festival called October 31st Party! It was really amazing and we could have stayed all day, but we headed back home after a little over an hour to hang out with our neighbors. They built a bonfire in their backyard and we roasted hot dogs before all bombarding our neighborhood to trick or treat together. Lynzi had several costume changes before halloween ever even arrived! First she was going to be a "ballet expert" (in her words)...apparently a ballet expert is different from a ballerina b/c she said she wasn't a ballerina. Well, come didn't matter because she changed her mind and wanted to dress in the poodle costume that's been haning in her closet for a year! Either way she was cute. There were all kinds of crazy and cute creatures in our are a few shots of our cuties.

~Panting Poodle~

~searching for treats~

~monkey treats~

~Grammi and PawPaw's little monkey man~

~Monkey and Daddy~

~Monkey and Mommy~

~Pretty Poodle and Monkey Doodle~


The Sheffield Scoop said...

FINALLY! Woo. I am so in love with you right now! Love it, Love you.

The countdown has begun!