Saturday, September 26, 2009

sweet, sweet girl...

I know I am oh so behind in blogging and I do still plan to finish updating what I've missed the last few months, but I just had to post about Lynzi today so that I don't forget any sweet detail!

First of all, I'll just start with her soccer game this morning. She did AMAZING!!! She was literally on the ball non-stop! She scored 2 goals, several "almost" goals" and made lots of assists. She even got pushed by a couple kids on the other team, but that didn't stop her...made her even more determined, actually! We were so proud of her...our little fire ball!

Now to the real reason for this post: my sweetheart girl! Tonight while I was putting her to bed, we were reading in her Bible about John the Baptist...when he baptized Jesus, and she was really captivated by the story and asked lots of questions. When we finished it, she said, "Mommy, I want to be baptized." I told her when she gets just a little bit older and fully understands that following Jesus is a lifetime commitment then she can be baptized like Jesus. I'm not sure she was satisfied with that answer because she immediately said, "I'm going to pray about it." So she did...right then! She bowed her head and prayed this: "Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day and all your blessings and all you did for us and PLEASE COME INTO MY HEART and I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED!!! In Jesus' name, Amen!" How amazing is that?!?! I just LOVE her and I adore her amazing little heart and precious spirit.

So we talked more about being a Christian and what it means and she said, "I know Christian...he's Evan's brother!" (Evan is our little neighbor boy...and his older brother's name is Christian!!!) haha! :)

Here are a few pictures of the amazing little soccer girl:

~Soccer Star~

~Soccer Sweetie~

~Soccer Smile~

~Soccer Buddies...Lynzi and Isaac~

~Soccer Brother~


Melissa said...

What a sweet story. She looks too cute to be dominating the soccer fields with that bow and all.:)

the arledge family said...

Praise God for loving and pursuing little Lynzi...and that she has responded with such sweet childlike faith. I love it. So happy for you, Laci!