Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's been...

...FOREVER since I've updated! I don't like when that happens. I have so many pictures and memories just waiting to be written about! Well, it's way too late to be doing this, so here are just a few pics that I picked out of July 4th weekend! Mom and Dad were here visiting...and we had SO MUCH FUN (as always)!!! If you follow me on facebook, then you've probably already seen these...(which is rare...i usually don't update pics on facebook, just here.) I want to update more soon and I will...SOON!

~Fam on the 4th~

~PawPaw, Grammi, Lynzi & Asher~

~Lovely Lynzi~

~My 3 Loves~

~scouring the porch for MORE watermelon~
(this boy can DEVOUR some watermelon!!!)
Goodnight! :)


Melissa said...

You guys have such a beautiful family!