Thursday, June 25, 2009


Where do i start?!?!

Well, I'll start with today. Lynzi is sick. She has croup and a high fever. Yesterday evening, she started "barking" and during the night, her fever spiked to 103.9. She had quite a time breathing several times in the night, which is always scary. Pray with us for a quick recovery and THAT ASHER DOES NOT GET IT. Thanks.

Speaking of Asher, many of you already know his latest antics, but I need to record them for memory's sake anyway. Too bad I don't have pictures for documentation, but after you hear the story, you'll understand why I didn't have time for pictures! Well, I had mentioned a few posts back that he really likes climbing. A few weekends ago, we painted his room. We had moved everything to the center of the room and we still had some touch ups to do, so we left all of the equipment in his room and just kept the door shut. Well, apparently at some point, a certain 4 year old in the house must have opened his door. We had just gotten home from church on a Sunday evening and I was getting their "night-night snacks" ready...when I realized Asher had been making this "I want your attention...come see what I'm doing" noise! As soon as I realized the noise he was making...I knew what he was doing! So I ran down the hall until I got close to his room and I slowed down, so I wouldn't startle him. I knew he had gotten into his room and was on the ladder. But I wasn't prepared for what I saw when I walked in...Asher was on THE VERY TOP RUNG of the ladder (7 ft) with his hands straight up in the air!!! The ceiling fan was on and his hands were oh so close...and he was so proud of himself, just cheering himself on! My heart jumped out of me and ran down the hall, I think! I got him down as calmly and quickly as I could and Ryan took the ladder down to the garage and we closed the door and went on with our night. But that's not the end of the story. The next night, the door was still supposed to be closed because we just hadn't had time to get everything out of their and the paint was still airing out before he could sleep in there again. So we took the 7 ft. ladder out, but didn't look or think long enough to take the 20 ft. extension ladder out. It was extended to the very top of the ceiling, which on this particular wall is 12 1/2 ft! Ryan walked back to check on him (not expecting him to be in his room since the door was supposed to be closed) and definitely not expecting to see him at the top of a 12 1/2 foot ladder, touching the ceiling and squealing with delight! Ryan's heart stopped and Lynzi came in to see what was happening and she just gasped...she was speechless!!! I was outside and Ryan came to tell me about it and he was still shaking! SO...needless to say, we got that ladder out and finished everything up in there and put it all back together so he could go in there without being in danger!!! And last but not least...he got himself stuck in a banister rail by our stairs. It could have been bad, but it wasn't (thank God.) We now have plexi-glass around the rails. So, he's been our little wild monkey lately! Super cute and sweet, but quite a handful!!! :)

What else??? I know there are more stories I wanted to share...but I can't really think of them now. I also wanted to post a few photos, but I've got to give Lynzi her medicine and get them both down for their nap...then take advantage of the time while they're down!


Kayla said...

Oh my word!!!! Asher!!! What stories you're going to have to tell him one of these days! That lil booger! :)

I am praying for Lynzi and your family!

Love you mucho!

Judith and Lance said...

Whoa, that is quite a story. My stomach is in knots just reading it. Goodness, little boys are so active.

Steve & Jennifer Cuttino said...

wow - that is some story !!