Monday, May 11, 2009


Well...haha, sorry! I started this post yesterday and all I got to write was "well..."!!! I didn't know it actually posted. I think Asher was responsible for posting it b/c he was all over the keyboard (which is why I had to quit trying to type at the moment!)

So, the weekend I've waited for FOREVER has come and gone and my name never was drawn to get up on stage :(. But there is still a chance that I could be called back for the second auditions.

Several of you had asked how they did the whole thing, so here it is: There were 2 days of "shows". It started at 2:00 on Saturday. We all got ready and loaded up for an exciting weekend. We drove about 45 minutes to the Wheelmobile!!! For my Mother's Day present, Ryan reserved a room at the hotel where the Wheelmobile event was taking he could take the kids back to the room for naps and we spent the night, so we were ready for the next day of shows. When we arrived, we went ahead and check in the hotel...then we went around to where the Wheelmobile was, just to get a feel for what was going on. Then we were going to get some lunch and I was going to come back and get in line. Well, WOAH..the line was already out the door. So, needless to say...I went ahead and got in line and Ryan and the kids got some lunch. It was fun/interesting...all the people I ended up standing by in line (lots of standing in line) throughout the weekend! The first people that were behind me, I found out, were the parents to a couple who just moved in at the end of our street...small world!!! We waited and waited...and finally they started passing out applications for us to fill out. Then they opened the theatre doors and there it was...the coolest little mini version of Wheel set up on stage!!! It was so exciting (for a WOF fan anyways!!!) Once we got in there...we waited even more. Then finally, 2:00 came and the show started! The "traveling Pat and Vanna" were there (not the real ones!) They were pretty funny...Marty and Heidi. So the way it worked was, everyone put their application in a box before we went into the theatre. Then they took all the applications and dumped them into a big tumbler-thing on stage. The "Vanna" girl drew 5 names at a time and gave them to the "Pat". He called those names out and those people ran up to the stage (their audition began as soon as their name was called...they were looking for PERSONALITY!) Then those 5 people got up on stage and did a little interview with Marty and played a speed-round to solve a puzzle. Then they called 5 more and 5 more and 5 more, many as they could go through in an hour. I think they usually called around 40-50 people per game. So we basically repeated that 2 more times on Saturday and 3 times on Sunday. I'd estimate that there were approximately 5,000 people there. What they do now is take the rest of the applications (who weren't drawn) and they draw a few from each of the shows that were left in the tumbler. So I have 6 chances to be P-R-A-Y with me that I'll get drawn. Those who were drawn to come on stage that they liked...did a great job with interview and puzzle skills, along with those they draw from the group that was never drawn originally....they will contact within a month to let them know about the second audtion. So, I'm still holding on to that shot and I'll be waiting on an email from them!!! :)

It was a great Mother's Day weekend. After Saturdays games were over, we went to a really yummy little pizza place. Then we were all so tired, we headed back to the room for bed. And the next morning, we started it all over again!!! Ryan was amazing...he took care of the kids all day. They waited in line with me some, then they'd go out to the playground, then come back and check on me and go into the shows. Lynzi loved the whole thing...she was just as excited as me! She asked me everytime they came back to check on me..."Mommy, did they call you 'upstage'???"

So we had a great time. I'll let you know if I hear from them about the next audition! Here are a few pics from the weekend...

~The Wheelmobile~

~Laci with Pat and Vanna on the Wheelmobile~

~The Application~

~Me and my fellow excited little Wheel fan~

~Excited Wheel Fan~

~Pat, Lynz, Lace~

~Laci and Vanna~

~The Stage~

~Laci and Marty (aka Traveling Pat)~


Kayla said...

Ah! What a fun weekend! I'm sorry your name didn't get called. I'll be praying you receive an e-mail! :-D

(Pat is totally photoshopped on that wheelmobile.)