Monday, April 13, 2009

"Night-Night" Prayers with Lynzi...

Well here are just a few of the amazing, yet silly things Lynzi said during our "night night conversation" while I was putting her to bed tonight:

I was praying and apparently went a little long for her and she said, " Jesus' name, Amen, okay!?"

Then when it was her turn to pray...this is pretty awesome...even though she was praying in a silly robot voice, she said, "Jesus come into my heart and I love you and I love you too, Mom (kiss)...In Jesus' name, Amen!!!" Isn't that so cool?!?! Even though she was being silly...she actually asked Jesus to come into her heart all on her own. I didn't prompt it or anything. When we were reading her Bible earlier, there was a picture of a boy with a heart in his hand and lifting it toward heaven and we talked about giving our hearts to she must have really thought about it!!! :)

Also earlier today...out of the blue, she said that she wanted to move back to Texas because she missed Grammi and PawPaw! :( Then she asked if we could ask God to let us move back to Texas. I told her that we were right where God wanted us, but if that's what she wanted to pray then she could. So after we both prayed tonight, she said..."oh I forgot to ask Him about moving." She asked me to pray and I told her that wasn't my she said, "OKAAAAY, I'll ask Him"... "Jesus, could you ask us to move back to Texas, please?!!!" :)

Then the last thing...Ryan came in to tell her goodnight after he had been out in the garage, building her bed and she said, "Daddy, you smell like 'sweet dust'!!!" (she meant sawdust b/c he had been sanding and cutting wood!!!)

That's my sweet girl...


Kayla said...

This is SO cool, Laci! How precious! Lynzi is AmaZing! :)