Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Lynzi Grace!!!

What a fantastic day it was celebrating Lynzi's 4th birthday! We got up and baked her birthday cake, then opened her birthday cards that came in the mail, then Ryan came home and brought Lynzi's new friend (Daphnie) to go to Chuck E. Cheese's with us. We met Nate and Sarah (yes, Sarah is Nate's girlfriend...several of you had asked me after I mentioned her several posts back) there and had such a great time! Then everybody came back to the house and we had cake and opened presents! Lynzi got a new bedding set from Mimi and Poppy and us and she got a new bike from Grammi and PawPaw!!! Then on to her favorite part of the :)!!! I'll post more pictures soon, but for now here are a few of the bazillion and a half that are on my camera right now! Happy Birthday Lynzi Grace! We love you so much and we're so thankful that God has blessed our family with your wonderfulness!!! :)

Lynzi and Daphnie

~Mommy with Birthday Girl~

~Lynzi's New Bike...thank you Grammi and PawPaw~

Lynzi's new helmet was a little small...she's made it clear that tomorrow will definitely involve exchanging it!

Proof that she's such a big girl...she went to her room and took off her church clothes, picked out her own nighty ("tinkerbell since she had a tinkerbell party") and put them on, brushed her teeth and got in bed...all by herself!!!


mindy~ree said...

Sorry we missed Lynzi's birthday! We just wanted to say HAPPY belated Birthday to our sweet friend Lynzi!!! :) Maggie still prays for you every night! ;)

Laci, if you get a chance, please send me your new mailing address. The girls want to send something to Lynzi! :)