Friday, February 6, 2009


We received a call from headquarters earlier this week and it's official...we've exceeded 100% in our itineration budget and we're approved to start our missions work!!! We're so excited. This was after Ryan went to Washington last weekend for a service and God provided a miraculous offering!!! The pastor handed him a check that was the same amount that we were short in our cash budget...PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Our house is completely packed up and Saturday (tomorrow), we leave for Arkansas for our LAST service on Sunday...come back on Monday...load on Tuesday and Wednesday...Head out on Thursday!!! So, busy week ahead...but we're so excited to finally start into the work that God called us to 10 years ago! And it will be amazing to finally get settled into OUR OWN house.

Just wanted to share our exciting news with everyone!!!


P.S. Here are a few links to pics of my cutie speaking at the church in Washington last weekend (photos courtesy of Lloyd Smith):


M. Housman said...

That is so exciting.

Judith and Lance said...

That's great news. Praise God!