Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving Day...

Today was moving day (part 1)!!! We left this morning and stopped at Ryan's grandparents tonight (which is almost 1/2 way there.) We'll get up in the morning and start part 2 of the trek, which will end at OUR NEW HOUSE...YAY!!! We're so excited to get there and get settled in. We'll unload all of our stuff on Saturday...I can't think of a better Valentine's Day prezzy! Pray for our safety on the road tomorrow. Ryan and Lynzi are in the big Uhaul truck, pulling our utility trailer behind it and Asher and I are in the van! Our friend from Builders International, Cessi, went ahead with the B.I. Speed the Light truck and trailer full of our stuff, so it will be waiting on us when we get there! I'll let you know when we get there and post pics too.

p.s. BIG thanks to our wonderful friends who helped us load our house in record time yesterday (and made a miracle happen to fit it all in the two trucks...we were all a tiny bit worried at the end)!!! Cessi, John, Monte, Wade, Barney, Charlie and Debbie...THANK YOU!!! And Dad fed everyone gumbo for lunch and topped it off with an amazing dessert...and Mom babysat the kiddos for us....THANK YOU!!!! We love and appreciate you ALL!!!