Monday, October 13, 2008

Photos from a weekend of traveling...

This weekend we traveled to Northern Louisiana for a service on Sunday morning. It was a super quick trip because Ryan had to be back for a meeting in Beaumont this morning. So we left Saturday morning and got back Sunday night. We were all very ready to get out of the car. It took us 7 1/2 hours to get 15 hours roundtrip in a matter of 2 days is plenty enough to make 2 adults go stir crazy...and for sure enough to make 2 kiddos just plain crazy ;) (just kidding...kind of)!!! Here are a few pics from the weekend (I think some setting was off on my camera b/c most of them came out fuzzy, but they're still sweet!)

The first four pics are at Mickey D's! We go there WAY more often than we want to while we're itinerating. The only reason we go there is if they have a playland, so that Lynzi can burn some energy...which is much needed after being strapped in her seat for hours! So, as you can see in the fourth picture...we're really tight with Ronald these days! :)

The next three pics are at the church playground on Saturday night. We stayed in a hotel right across the street from the church where our service was on Sunday, so we walked across and burnt some more energy playing!

The last one is just a silly shot at one of our numerous stops on our trip! We stopped for a potty break and to feed Asher. Then we spotted this swing and it looked so the kids and I wandered over to try it out!

Oh, and another Asher update...he waves when he sees us now and he's started using some of his sign language also. We've been using signs for: eat, more, and all done. He's occasionally started using more and all's cute. I'll try to get pics of all of that soon!


The Sheffield Family said...

LOOOOVING all of it! you are adorable and so is your blog!!! I am ready for you to stop going to Louisana though so I can see you more! :) Loves and kisses!

Jenn said...

I love that last picture of you with your little ones - too cute!!!

mindy~ree said...

TOO CUTE! I loved all these photos! I'm glad you updated! I love reading your stories and seeing all your travels. I have no idea how you do so much on the road stuff with the little ones!! I admire you for taking them with you! You are such a good moma!! :)