Thursday, October 2, 2008

Asher Update...

Well, it's time for an Asher update (since he's already almost 7 1/2 months old!!!) He's such a joy and a sweet boy!

He started crawling about a month ago and he's EVERYWHERE! It's created a challenge when we're traveling (which we're ALWAYS doing) because he wants more than anything to crawl at the hotel...but the hotel floor, YUCK! So, needless to say...when I give in and let him crawl in the hotel room...he has some knees that are a nice shade of...dirt!!! Oh well, I guess that's what a good bath is for ;)! Then when we're home, our floors are all tile and the big area rug that we have is a berber/tweed type rug...kind of rough. Because of this, I don't think he'll be a conventional crawler. He does this scoot/pull thing. However, it doesn't slow him down any! This boy can get from one end of our house to the other in like 5 seconds exaggeration! Our new rule is to close a door when you come out of it because his favorite place to dart to when he finds an open door is in each of the bathrooms...that little cap under the toilet. He LOVES to get to that and pull it off and play with it. Even when I take them off...he still is very intrigued by that screw thing that sticks up. It's so gross, but it does keep me VERY motivated to make sure that it's spotless clean under there everyday...for when he does find an open door and slip past us!

And he’s been pulling up to standing for a couple of weeks now too (on everything)!!! Our house is so not conducive for that…the tile floor + his falling backwards from standing position, while holding on to our dining room chairs = one big loud thud, followed by a piercing scream (by all of us!!!) It's awful.

He’s also our little human vacuum cleaner…goes around inspecting my floor and picks up any little thing he finds and inspects it with his hands. For a while and he hadn’t been putting anything in his mouth. Maybe b/c I get to him too fast, I don’t know…that is, until this morning! He started hacking and drooling and gagging and I was patting his back like crazy…thinking he swallowed something. Then I stuck my finger around the roof of his mouth and this little plastic, tape-like piece of something was stuck to the roof of his mouth! Thank the Lord he didn’t swallow it!!! Just one more incentive to keep my house clean ;)!!!

He LOVES his big sister so much and cracks up at anything she says or does. She's so sweet with him and they entertain each other well!

Well, that's the Asher update for now. Here are some pics of my sweet boy!

~My Handsome Boy~

~Cutie Pie~
~Happy Boy~
~My 2 Lover Boys~
~Sweet Kiddos~
Big Boy...Pulling up...On everything!

P.S. I tried to post a video of him pulling up on the luggage cart in the hotel room, but it wouldn't let I'll try again later.


Anonymous said...

I can't get over how big he is! He is soooo handsome and happy! Miss and love you! Tara

Laci said...

Thanks, Tara! I's crazy how big he is now...time flies WAY too fast!!! Miss you and love you too :)!

M. Housman said...

Hi Laci,
Linked to your blogsite from Shannon's. Asher and Lynzi are so beautiful. As I was reading about Asher's adventures in crawling I thought about babylegs ( My sister-in-law used them for her son, she had tile flooring too! And it may mask the dirty knees from the hotel flooring. I saw some at Target. Tell Ryan I said Hi.

Judith and Lance said...

Laci -- you and Ryan have BEAUTIFUL children. I love Lynzi's curly hair and Asher's big blue eyes. Kathy is a blessed granmda indeed. Hope everything is going well w/ your itineration. I'm sure it is a challenge to keep him off the floor, but take heart I read in Just Simple last month that floors are on the low end of the germiest places for a child. Just try to avoid water fountains! :)

And, we have baby legs for Bella and LOVE them. I agree w/ m. housman.