Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Already off to a "bad blogging" start...

...Sorry!!! I know I've already been declared a "bad blogger!" We've been super busy the last few weeks, so I haven't even posted anything. I'll try to catch up on the last month:

We'll start with July 4th! Lynzi started feeling not so great, but she had been talking about fireworks for a whole year...so we knew she would want to see some! We went over to my parents house and they kept Asher while we took Lynzi to the city hall to do the kid's activities. She got free ice cream when we walked in, so that made her perk up a little bit! Then they had a bunch of the inflatables, so she thought she felt good enough to give them a try! After that, we met my parents and Asher to watch fireworks! That next morning, her fever spiked and she felt awful...and Asher got it too and it was a rough few days, but all is well now! :) Lots of photos to follow:

At the city celebration

Ready to go through the caterpillar obstacle course!

Our Litle Firecracker! :)

This little girl got on the train and the first thing Lynzi asked her was, "What is your Mommy's name?" The little girl told her and Lynzi said, "Oh, my mommy's name is Laci and she's right there!" I guess Lynzi didn't care what the little girl's name was...she just wanted to know her mommy's name (who wasn't even around!)

Me and My Girl!

Daddy and his Little Princess (as her shirt says!)

Asher chillin' in his bath in Grammi's tiny sink!

My three cutie pies!!!