Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a spoonful of sugar....

So, here I am...laying by the fireplace with strep throat! I've felt like I've had a softball in my throat for the last 3 days...never had a sore throat so bad and my parents finally convinced me to go to the doctor and sure enough...STREP! My sweet Honey just made me a chocolate milk shake...yummy!
I'm trying to keep my kids off of me, since I'm contagious for 24 more hours (after the antibiotics kick in)...and it's a terrible thing to tell your sweet baby boy not to kiss you when he comes up with arms wide open, saying, "MUAH!" After I tell him I'm sorry that I can't kiss him or it would make him sick...he turns his head the other way and lays his head on my shoulder and pats my back!!! He's so sweet.
Lynzi keeps saying and doing such hilarious and random things, so I thought that while I'm just laying here that I might as well blog about them:
I laid down after I got home from the doctor today, while the kids were napping and Lynzi came in my room to tell me that she heard Asher and he was awake. She asked me if she could get him out of his bed (which somehow she manages to do really well!) So after they scurried down the hall...I went in the living room behind them and there were coins all over the floor (that Lynzi had been counting.) She immediately told me, "It's okay, Mom, I put his paci in his mouth so he wouldn't put any money in his mouth!!!" I thought that was some pretty critical thinking on her part!!!
The girl needs to be in commercials! She's a little slogan machine! One of our local news stations here is called KY3 and their slogan is: "KY3 is the Place to Be!" Back in May when we went to the Wheel of Fortune auditions, KY3 was the host station there...so they had the whole audience shouting their slogan over and over. So earlier this evening, I had Wheel of Fortune on and Lynzi was laying on the rug and kept saying, "KY3 is the place to be" over and over again!!! Then a little bit later, she was drawing a picture at the table and I could hear her saying really quietly to herself, "Live Better. Shop Smart. Walmart!" I'm not even positive that is the slogan for Walmart, but if not...sounds good to me!!! I've heard her randomly quoting other slogans/commercials before too and we definitely don't watch much t.v. around here...that's what is so funny about it to me! She's said on occasion, "Look at me mom...I'm a commercial girl," as she poses or does something super cute! She's just made to be in the spotlight...someway, somehow, somewhere! :)
Another funny she said tonight, while sitting on the couch looking at a book, she said..."Mom, too bad I love you so much!" Ryan and I both laughed at how matter-of-factly she said it!!!
Anyways, there's a dose of my sweet kids for ya! Their sweetness is medicine enough for me and I'm sure I'll be better in no time! Just pray with me that they don't get it...that would be AWFUL!
Here are some recent pics of my cuties:

~excited much?!?!~

~my little man~

~precious in purple~

~headed out to help daddy grill~

~My Sweetnesses~


The Sheffield Scoop said...

I want to eat them all up! Those pics are presh.

Kayla said...

Oh my word, Laci. I laughed SO hard at this post! Lynzi's Live Better. Shop Smart. Walmart. CRACKED me up! I read it, and re-read it, and read it once more and still laughed out loud! haha!

Oh, I just love you guys! The pictures are SOO good!

Get to feeling better soon, dear! Praying with you for the children to be protected from the strep infection!