Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who will be the big "winner"???

I just noticed that my blog counter is at 992...only 8 away from 1000! I just wonder who will be the 1000th viewer??? If you're reading this post, then you have to scroll down to view the counter and if it says 1000...then leave a comment that you won, because no one else will know it was you...except you (so you gotta let us know!!!)

Okay, that's all....just wanted to mention that! :)

Have a great day.


the arledge family said...

yay, it was me!!! do i win something?? :)

Laci said...

YAY for Meredith!!! Of course you win something...the SATISFACTION of knowing that you were the
1000th viewer of my blog! Isn't that exciting!?!? I know it made your day...well maybe not, but anyways! :)