Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike...boarded up!

Well, we've boarded up and we're hunkered in! Where we live is high enough elevation that it won't be in the storm surge and our winds are supposed to be a max of 80 mph. So our part of the city is not evacuating...just "sheltering in place", so we should be fine! We were planning on leaving for the Dallas area (until yesterday afternoon) so we didn't go out and buy plywood and the clips to attach to the brick, so Ryan got really creative with boarding up our windows (as you'll see in the pics below)!!! Pray for this storm and for our safety. We'll updae after the storm (if and when we have electricity!)

boarding up the windows in the backyard!

Yep, that's a table screwed into our wall!!! Then just some random wood on the bottom. Notice the sign above the window..."Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!" That sign has always been above that window and I didn't even notice it until after I took the picture...what a great reminder of Who is in charge :)!!!

These boards used to be a book shelf that Ryan's dad made out of fence was really cute and I was planning on using it Lynzi's room in our next house. Oh well, I guess Ryan will have to make me a new one!

And then there's the giant rug. We were in my parents garage yesterday and she had this stored away. So we screwed it to the wall in our bedroom to cover the window! Like I said, we got super creative...whatever works :)!!!

This is how we parked our vehicles....trying to protect them as best we can.

P.S. My dad asked me what Lynzi thinks about all this boarding up and I told him she's just excited because she knows that we get to get out our "hurricane snack box"!!! Last night when I put her in bed, she said, "Mommy, what are we going to do when we wake up?" I told her we're just going to wait on the hurricane and she said, "...and eat snacks!!!" ;)


Judith and Lance said...

Wow, you had to do a lot to prepare. I love the creativity of the rug over the windows. So glad you made it through okay and also so happy I found your blog! It's great!